GMYLE Wallet Case Classic for the BlackBerry Z30 Review


I have been provided this case to review by GMYLE.


It is a well made case with some flaws


The Wallet Case Classic for the BlackBerry Z30, is a two-tone (one colour on the outside, one colour on the inside) wallet style case (two card slots, one pocket) that also doubles as a stand for the phone in landscape mode. Which it is well made and has good functionality, the design is flawed and could use an update.

The case is constructed out of PU Leather (in either black and wasabi green, denim blue and mud brown, mint and pink, cloudy grey and coral red), cotton thread, and glue. On the outside, the front cover of the case contains a magnet for the flap and an opening for the headset speaker. The front cover however, does not contain a magnet for switching the phone into a low power state or contain openings for the notification LED or the main microphone. The opening for the headset speaker also located too high almost leaving the headset speaker covered. The inside of the front cover contains two card slots and a pocket. When even one of the card slots is filled, pocket is near impossible to open. The left side of the case contains a metal hole for a wrist strap or charm. The rear cover of the case contains crease for folding it when put the case in stand mode, an opening for the camera and flash, and for the stereo speakers. The rear cover however, does not the contain an opening for the sound port at the top of the BlackBerry Z30. The opening for the camera and flash is too small, causing the light from the flash to reflect of the side of the opening resulting in flare showing up in captured images and video.

An extra nice touch is in using a TPU case as the phone holder instead of the plastic holders that are present in most other wallet style cases. This TPU case however, lacks the holes on the right side for the two noise cancelling microphones that the BlackBerry Z30 has. Getting a BlackBerry Z30 into the case however should be done a specific way. Slide the right side of the phone (which contains the volume buttons) into the holder first and then push the rest of the phone in. After putting in the phone, it became apparent that the TPU is not able to contain the phone completely. The corners of the BlackBerry Z30 are held securely but all of the sides have a <1 mm gap from the case to that side of the phone. This gives a mushy feeling to pressing the power button and detracts from the solid feeling of the case.

The case however, does feel nice to the touch and has a pleasant smell after resting out of the box for a few days. Opening and closing the case is a simple, one-handed affair. The front cover folds back over the rear cover without forming large creases that can crack later on.

Overall, the GMYLE Wallet Case Classic for the BlackBerry Z30 is well designed, protects the phone well, and feels nice in the hand. It is well worth the price and your consideration if you can overlook its flaws.


Fit: 4 / 5

Finish: 2.5 / 5

Function: 2.5 / 5

Price: 4 / 5

Overall: 3.3 / 5


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